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About us

We are a company dedicated to produce, marketing and export coffee. We have high quality processes and innovators that allow new products to be brought to market that satisfy the needs of the same.

Our coffees are grown in the department of the Colombian Huila, the place where our initiative born to the whole world.

Everything we do is a matter of
heart, body and soul.

“The origin of our success in coffee farming has been based on the hands of small producers, who without having large Extensions of land and economic resources, have made our company the main engine of innovation and a great generator of opportunities for the country”

Our Crops

The origin of our innovative coffee made with fruit is in the town from Santa María, in the Colombian department of Huila. Located between 1.700 and 2.000 masl. Thanks to the work of our coffee growers we achieved bring “New experiences full of tradition to the whole world”